Counselling and Psychotherapy

Tina Buckland




                                                      ‘Midlife angst’

                                                                This is a term used to describe a time in a person’s life when they can feel

                                                                 lost, displaced, ‘out of sorts’, sad, and restless.



           This can often occur around our ‘middle years’ due to a combination of factors, such as:

 This type of angst is extremely complex. You may look at all of the above and be thinking “none of that applies to me, but I still feel like this!” This is quite common when life on the surface seems ‘ideal’ but the internal feelings are telling you something different?

How can therapy help?

The initial aim would be to help you untangle what the ‘angst’ is about. What is driving your negative feelings? From this point we would then explore that in more detail and once the picture becomes clearer, we can start working towards the changes you want to make.

Some of the therapies used are:

Often when you are going through this type of angst, it can make you feel very unsure. The prospect of seeking counselling can seem daunting?

If you would like to have an initial half hour meeting, to decide if counselling is for you? I can offer this for a fee of £30 at a time that is convenient for you. Or book your first session by contacting me at: or Tel: 07748 612733.